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Penn Graduate School of Education

The Collaboratory for Teacher Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education


We believe that teachers thrive when they are part of a network of support and inquiry.

The Penn GSE Collaboratory is a hub for resources related to teaching and teacher education. On this page, you’ll find a wide range of tools at GSE for our alum and working educators. 

Resources for Teachers

There are a wide range of resources developed by Penn GSE to support you as you teach. A few of those resources are listed below:

Community Based Mathematics Project

Since 2009, the Community Based Math Project has encouraged Philadelphia teachers and Penn GSE faculty to create social justice-oriented math curriculum that is also locally relevant. Their website includes pre-K-12 mathematics lessons that are aligned with the Common Core.

The Educator's Playbook

The Educator’s Playbook is a newsletter authored by Penn GSE faculty for K-12 practitioners. It offers summaries of research in education and strategies for incorporating these new insights into your practice.


Resources for Penn GSE alumni

Careers and Employment

After earning your degree, the next step is putting it to use. Penn GSE is here to help you secure your next teaching, school leadership, or education-related role.

New Teacher Support

Being a teacher is filled with rewards, but also challenges. As you start your career, we want you to know that we are still here for you. Here are some supports that we have available:


TeachPHL is a resource for educators looking for jobs and teacher professional development opportunities in Philadelphia.


Collaboratory Resources

Practice-Based Approaches to Teacher Education

In Spring 2019, the Collaboratory hosted a series of workshops aimed at increasing the capacity of teacher educators to implement practice-based approaches in their teacher education courses. 

Workshop 1: Introduction to Practice-Based Teacher Education
Facilitated by Dean Pam Grossman

Workshop 2: Methods Courses as a Place to Practice
Facilitated by Caroline Ebby and Janine Remillard

Workshop 3: Using Video to Expand Possibilities for Teacher Learning
Facilitated by Dean Pam Grossman and Sarah Kavanagh 

Workshop 4: Using the Field to Work on Practice
Facilitated by Abby Reisman and Sarah Kavanagh

Watch videos of the Practice-Based Approaches to Teacher Education Workshops.

Virtual Conversations During a Global Pandemic

In Spring 2020, the Collaboratory organized and facilitated a series of conversations on the topic of Virtual Education, Well-Being, and Equity During the Current Health Crisis.

Conversation 1: Fostering Student Engagement in Online Classes
Panelists: Betty Chandy, Michael Flynn, Megan Kelley-Petersen

Conversation 2: Sustaining Our Own and Prospective Teachers' Mental Health and Well-Being
Panelists: Grace Song, Jeanne Felter, Xavier Brown

Conversation 3: Supporting Prospective Teachers to Engage Learners During School Closures
Panelists: Patrick Sexton, Tanya Maloney, John Pascarella III

Conversation 4: Addressing Issues of Educational Equity During the Current Health Crisis
Panelists: Khalilah Harris, ShaVon Savage, Gerald Campano

Watch videos of these Collaboratory Conversations here.

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